JavaScript is a single-threaded that can be a non-blocking programming language. Did you know what that means? 🤔 Don’t worry in this article will help you to get a clear idea about what is single-threaded means and what is non-blocking means.

The program has two things. It has to allocated memory and parse and execute a script which means read and run commands. We also know the JavaScript engine which each browser implements in the chrome it’s V8 read the JavaScript code convert into machine-executable instructions. The JavaScript engine (V8) contains two parts, memory heap and call stack.

Memory heap

memory heap

The memory…

Blockchain is a chain of the block that contains information. Blockchain technology was originally described in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta. At that time, they called it a “cryptographically secured chain of blocks”. Satoshi Nakamoto crate the first and most popular digital cryptocurrency bitcoin with help of blockchain technology in 2009.

We all know JavaScript is one of the fastest grooving and most popular language. JavaScript is like any other programming language that you are learning in life. There is a lot of an important lot of concept in JavaScript. If you are a JavaScript developer, then you need to know these three concepts.

  1. Hoisting
  2. Scope
  3. Equality


chamindu jayasith

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